Indoor Cycling Vs. Outdoor Cycling

When it comes to cycling, one of the most common debates is obviously this subject. A lot of people have already asked this question and a lot have already answered. However, it seems that others still find the answers not enough. Something is missing to find out which one of the two really weighs more.


To help you weigh things better, read through these arguments below about indoor and outdoor cycling:


  • Indoor Cycling: Although the same environment of the gym isn’t an issue for people who prefer to work out alone, others may find it boring especially if you’re literally the only one around that time. Though your workout includes different stimulating routines, you might still feel tired right away and call it a day for being around the same room with the same people over and over.

                As a result, you’ll get a hard time attaining your goal fitness right away.

  • Outdoor Cycling: Whether you’re in the city or in a suburban place, you’ll be able to check out different environment while cycling. The more challenging your path is the more necessary for you to stay sharp and focused on the road. Taking different paths while cycling will also help you adjust your body and work out your muscles. At the end of the day, you’ll be surprised at how much muscles you’ve used just to finish those terrains.

                As a result, you will burn more calories compared to your usual indoor cycling.


· Indoor Cycling

If you want to achieve different levels of difficulty, indoor cycling might not be the best option for you. Cycling on a stationary bike will surely use your same muscles repeatedly because you and your bike can’t adjust to different terrains while working out. It is up to you how you will be able to use some of your sleeping muscles through indoor cycling with some aid of a pumping music, and some company to keep you motivated.

· Outdoor Cycling

If you are into joining a race like a triathlon getting into various levels of difficulty won’t be a problem. You can even make use of some technical skills to make your cycling a bit more challenging. This way, you can push your workout to the next level than merely spinning.

Heart Rate

· Indoor Cycling

Most indoor cyclists say that indoor cycling causes their heart rate to increase and that they sweat more due to extensive workout. Professional indoor cyclists love the kind of workout where a loud music booms together with their increasing pace. Experiencing an increased heart rate means you’ve already pushed yourself to your limit. By consistently going on a fast pace, you are burning more calories and fats.

· Outdoor Cycling

If you’re cycling where people and vehicles often pass through, you would most likely focus more on watching your surroundings and be prepared than focus on your workout. Especially if you’ve just started cycling it’ll be harder for you to balance better, avoid the traffic, and increase your pace at the same time. Still, you’ll be able to work more of your muscles while adapting to your environment.


· Indoor Cycling

Obviously, indoor cycling is much more convenient than outdoor cycling. You just go to a gym and sit for as long as you like then walk out once you’re done. There’s no need for you to wear the required gear for cycling, check the appropriate weather ride a bike, and set a specific time. Not to mention if you have your own stationary exercise bike, you can use it anytime you want to with or without some company.

· Outdoor Cycling

Compared with indoor cycling, outdoor cycling requires more patience and discipline. You need to get your bike in and out of your garage all the time, wear the required gear, wear the right clothes, and get ready to face the traffic. You also need to do some maintenance check to your bike before you get off to ensure your safety.

But of course, it’ll be easier once you get used to it. You’ll be surprised how much your body has changed and adapted to regular cycling.


Overall, it’s still hard to pick between the two. Both sides have their winning points and benefits. Only you will be able to tell which one stands out once you tried both. Since we all have different taste and preference, it’s really important that you try both first before laying your verdict. If you prefer working out indoors, get a stationary exercise bike. But if you enjoy the outdoor atmosphere, get a real bike and hit the road.

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