How To do Iron Cross Exercise. Do it helps you?

Gymnastic moves can be quite intimidating, but this should not put you down. Rather than sitting back and watch other people execute complex gymnastics, tweak your mind towards being a gymnastics guru. Iron cross exercise is the root of all the gymnastic moves meaning that it is something that you cannot ignore.

To do an Iron cross exercise, you need to rest both of your arms horizontally in two steel rings for a minimum of two seconds. The technicalities involved in executing this move could be the reason as to why the iron cross is only performed by athletes who have unique physiques. Regardless of your body physique, the willingness to train is what matters and just like any other type of physical training, iron cross training calls for your patience and determination. These two virtues will not only help you to be good at making a move but also make you be good at gymnastics. The training may take you a period of between nine months to one year, but this does not mean that you should use time to gauge your skills.


In this guideline, we will slowly go through all the steps that will make your training enjoyable and fruitful.


Understand And Prepare For Iron Cross Exercise Position

First, you need to understand iron cross position clearly then prepared both physically and mentally. Take note of the following facts about the iron cross position.

  • Open up your shoulders as they will play a big role in giving you extra strength.
  • Your wrists should be straight just the way experienced gymnasts do.

Just from the look of this position, you will be able to tell that your joints will be heavily involved throughout the training so you should be prepared regarding flexibility and endurance. You can do this performing exercises that involve your shoulders.

Attain Upper Body Strength

Try to attain the base level of the upper body strength, as it will come in handy when it comes to enduring Iron cross exercise position. This can be attained by performing at least eight or more pull-ups. These pull shoulder and forearm conditioning should accompany ups.

These exercises will also help you to achieve a perfect strength to weight ratio which means that your body weight goes hand in hand with your strength. Do not forget to work on your muscle up which is popularly referred to as ‘power up.' It will help you to easily pull up and rest while the rings are on your hips.

Assisted Iron Crosses

After warming up, you now get into the real deal. Rather than getting into iron rings on your own, involve some form of assistance which will help you especially with your muscle up. Get hold of the rings then bend your knees. Invite your helper or spotter to support your knees as you move yourself up on the rings. Don't treat the rings with any level of softness but instead grasp them firmly with all your strength. Position the shins parallel to the floor then push your shoulders forward. Choose a reasonable height which will make you comfortable.

Lower Your Arms So That They Are In A Horizontal Position

Still, while the spotter is in a correct position to support your knees, try lowering your body so that your arms remain in a horizontal position. After some seconds, raise yourself back so that your arms resume the vertical position. This can achieve with the help of your spotter and ensure that your elbows are locked throughout the process. Repeat the process several times while taking breaks between vertical and horizontal positions.

When it comes to iron cross exercises, don't limit yourself in any way. Perform them as long as your body allows. Do them frequently until your physical strength and disposition gives in. If you are averagely built, you can perform the crosses five days a week. If you have a limited upper body strength, give yourself enough time to recover.

As time goes by, you will be able to work on your stability and taking full control of the rings. Choose a good height in which you will be fully comfortable. Get yourself from the ground then maintain that position for at least five minutes. At first, you will find it hard but these should not freak you out. Practice makes perfect, and you will perform better if you do regular practice.

Moving To The Next Level

Once you have mastered your stability, get ready to move to the next level. You will no longer depend on the spotter for support, and courage will drive you. Put your arms through the rings then raise them as high as you can while ensuring that your comfort is not compromised. Push yourself horizontally and vertically in succession, while taking short breaks after each cycle.

You can use elastics or resistance bands to push the rings horizontally. These bands should be colored differently to depict different levels of strengths which can be easily adjusted by changing their length and thickness.

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