How To Do A Jefferson Deadlift

Have you ever wondered if the Jefferson deadlift could be of help to you? Perhaps this guy in your gym does it, and you wonder, ‘how in the world could he pull off such a lift?’ Don’t worry this article will enlighten you.

At first glance, this exercise may look very awkward and exciting at the same. Well it is, the strength and ability needed to perform the lift are not minimal. Look at this pictures;As you can see everything about the two pictures is not merry. This is the type of exercises you would rather do behind locked doors or in the gym where no one will see/be bothered by the funny and ugly faces you make throughout the lift.


The Jefferson deadlift is an old-timer, having been named after Charles Jefferson (yeah that is where the name originates). The above exercise is credited to help in building the core; these are a group of muscles found in between the hips and the shoulders. Most exercises do not target this particular group of muscles that is why they are usually underworked.

Also, the Jefferson lift which can also be called the Jefferson squats is helpful in building the lower back strength. If you are a person who has had back and joint problems, performing this exercise will help you get rid of the pain and subsequently reduce their occurrence.

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What You Will Need To Perform This Exercise


The Jefferson deadlift is not an easy exercise to pull. You will need something called resilience which can be seen in your ability to do the following;

  • Your ability to hold the load under you while maintaining core stability. This is important as it establishes the effectiveness of the lift on your core muscles and reduces back pressure.
  • Can you perform a lift with a heavy load and still maintain a symmetrical movement? This is important as rotational symmetry when doing the Jefferson deadlift is essential for achieving optimal results. Also, you should be able to alternate movements.
  • You should also be able to open up your hips and legs too... But the point is, your hips should be widely spaced, but your knees need to stay collapsed. If you can’t do that, then the entire exercise will be a tough ride for you.
  • One thing about the Jefferson deadlift is that it allows you to maintain an upright body position when doing it. For this reason, you should be able (or learn to if you don’t know) to maintain a straight flat back with your lift through the entire exercise.
  • In as much as you need to maintain a flat back, your thoracic spine needs to be mobile enough to help you achieve a twisted position throughout the lift…very important.

All the above mentioned is achievable if at all you are determined to incorporate the Jefferson deadlift in your workout routine. But that is not all, from the pictures above, you can see that this particular lift does not just involve carrying a load and pumping your body up and down.

To make things easy for both of us, here is a simple step by step instruction on;

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How To Perform A Fift With Heavy Load


Performing a lift with heavy load is not an easy thing to do. You must take several precautions while doing it and it is always advised to undertake these type of tasks under expert supervision initially. The following are a few things that needs to be taken care of while performing a lift with heavy load:

  1. Keep your legs apart, there must be a distance of at least one feet to maintain the balance and one foot should be a bit forward than the other one.
  2. Always keep a good posture and bend your knees and hips only. Remember, support is the main thing.
  3. Do things slowly, don’t do things in a hurry and using your feet to change the direction is always recommended.
  4. Bending forward to lift a heavy weight should be always avoided.To make things easy for both of us, here is a simple step by step instruction on;

How To Do The Jefferson Deadlift


I: Straddle The Bar

To perform the Jefferson deadlift, the load and your body need to be in a straddled stance. The straddled position ensures that you have a bigger support base making the bar your center of gravity.

II: Grab The Bar

Still, on the same straddle stance, grab the bar with both hands. There is no specific way meant for this lift. You can grab it using the underhand or overhand grip. Try the two to see which one you are most comfortable with.

III: Pull Up The Bar/ Stand Up With The Bar

After you have grabbed the bar, you are expected to pull it up with you into a standing position. While doing this, ensure that you maintain a neutral spine to avoid stressing your back.

IV: Fist Pump

Just like you do with conventional deadlifts move up and down while holding the load. Make sure you do several equal sets with both legs, Such that you perform the lift with the right leg forward for say 2 sets and do similarly for the left leg.

Below is a video with complete of Jefferson deadlift

  • The Jefferson deadlift is an awesome exercise that helps you a great deal in building body strength, working out the core and taking care of joint and back pains. What you should understand is that results won’t show in one day or a week. Except for a little muscle pain here and there.
  • If you intend to it for the first time, you can start with lightweight lifts as you progress with the weight slowly. Just do it right, with the right mind, and you will get the right results.
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