Kettlebell Upright Row: How To Perform The Best Exercise For Shoulder

Are you looking for a simple shoulder exercise to incorporate into your workout routine? Then try the kettlebell upright row.

The above is an excellent exercise for people who are still new to the idea of using kettlebells for fitness as well as those that want to better their workout routine. It is an exercise that will help you get back in shape quickly and conveniently as you do not need to do this in a gym.


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Let’s Get To The Basics

Before you think of doing any kettle bell exercise, you should first order a few kettlebells. These type of weights look like balls only that they have a handle. Note that these equipment are available in various shapes, sizes, and brands. It is for this reason that you will also find the bells in varying quality depending on the manufacturing brand.

As we all know, exercise is beneficial to our overall health. And so, if you perform this kettlebell exercise on a daily basis and in the right way, the health benefits you get can almost be equaled to its fitness benefits. Not only does the workout help you burn extra fat, but it also contributes to improve your overall body strength as well as build upper body muscles.

Additionally, this form of the upright row will help to increase the flexibility of your shoulder joints, help you gain swiftness, build your endurance and also boost your cardiovascular body activities.

If you want to see optimum results from performing this particular exercise, your overall routine should be systematic. Start with lighter weights and proceed to work out with the heavier ones as and when you feel ready to move forward to the next weight level.

How To Perform The Kettlebell Upright Row

The trick to performing this exercise as earlier mentioned is by being systematic. There is no point in over indulging i.e. too many reps and using heavy weights when you are just starting out unless you are a pro fitness enthusiast. Just start simple and slow and move on only when you feel like your body is ready for an additional challenge.

The kettlebell exercise as also stated in the first paragraphs is very fundamental in building upper body muscles and strength. It is a great movement to incorporate into your whole body workout routine.

To perform the exerciseproceed by:

Step 1: Warm Up

As you get started with your work routine, the first thing you should always do is to warm up to avoid muscles snaps as cold muscles do snap easily. To prevent injury, in this case, heat up your body by doing some light cardio or aerobics for at least 10 minutes. You can choose to light jog, dance, cycle or even just brisk walk in the gym or wherever you are exercising from.

Step 2: Get Into Starting Position

After your body is heated up, get into the starting position for the row by standing up straight with your legs wide apart. The width should be shoulder stance so as to give you a stable base. Alternatively, you can also start by sitting down as both starting positions are equally effective.

Step 3: Get A Hold Of The Equipment

In this case, we are using kettlebells. So assuming you have good quality bells with you, hold them with both hands in front of your body and using the over hand grip (gives you a steadier and firm hold for this type of exercise).At this stage, ensure that your upper body is tipped forward and your hips are slightly pushed back.

Step 4: Pull The Weight

With both of your hands gripped on the handle of the bell, pull the weight off the ground in a controlled movement until it is slightly below your chin (shoulder height). Hold this position for a while and then lower them back slowly back into the starting position.

  • Repeat this motion for at least 5 to 10 times and 3 sets for each routine.

Whatch Video Here:

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What To Consider When Doing This Kettlebell Exercise

Anytime you workout, there are a few things that you must take into account to perform the exercise correctly and to get desirable results. These include;

  • Using a reasonable amount of weights especially for a beginner exercise
  • Always maintain a shoulder stance when doing the exercise while standing
  • In the upright position, ensure that you engage your abdomen and gluteus for better results i.e. by contracting them when pulling the bells upwards.
  • Always rest in between sets to regain momentum and to avoid exhaustion
  • Ensure that your shoulders are pulled back to prevent arching of the spine
  • Maintain a straight back and also keep your head straight and eyes focused
  • When pulling the kettle bells, always raise your elbows high up than the handles of the bells. This is so that your back and shoulders can be squeezed for a better workout
  • Do not perform this exercise if you have shoulder problems or joint pains. It is a strenuous activity and can aggravate the pain/problem if you insist on performing them in this condition.

Remember this

If you want to get bigger, better and stronger shoulders, you need to choose the right exercise, use the right amount of weights and maintain a proper routine.

Choosing the right exercise is fundamental. What works for me might not work for you. And in this case, the kettlebell exercise is only best for those who want to get in better form. If you have any medical conditions like osteoporosis and spinal stenosis, then this might not be recommended.

Also, remember to use the right amount of weights. I have mentioned this somewhere in the article, and I can’t stress it enough. So find a weight that you can comfortably handle throughout the recommended reps. A 6 to 8 kg kettlebell weight is considerable for beginners.

Lastly, draft out a proper routine. Find the best time when you can efficientlyworkout and organize your exercises focusing on your needs and how you can attend to them. Determine the frequency of your training, progression and also the training splits. This will help you to work all body parts equally and avoid overworking others. It will also help you to achieve an efficient workout routine whose results will not just show physically but also internally.


Evidently, the kettlebell upright row is an exercise that if performed in the correct manner and enthusiasm can be very beneficial to one’shealth and fitness goals. So if you were figuring out whether or not you should try it out, I believe this article has convinced you enough to make the exercise a part of your upper body workout routine.

There you have it, a very simple, efficient and convenient kettlebell exercise that will provide you with unbeatable cardio conditioning, and muscle workout. As you start on this exercise, keep in mind that the harder you work, the better the results. Also, exercise patience along with it as results won’t show in one day.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article. If you did, kindly share it withfriends and family.

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