The Most Desire List Of 11 Back Exercises For Everyone

Think about the time when you hit the gym and still do the same back exercises over the months. Well, if you do not adjust your schedule and include more exercises, then you will never really grow a strong back. You will need a list of back exercises that will get you working out even more and still build better muscles. Some of these exercises are not just for the back; they will also workout the other muscles of the body to keep you fit all the time.


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Top exercises on the List of Back Exercises

1. Pull-up

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You might have thought that pushups need more strength to raise the body weight, wait until you get to try out the pull-ups. It is one of the most preferred methods on the list back exercises to workout your back all the time. Most people even use it for the ultimate test of strength between gym members as the exercises will use your bodyweight as resistance.

You will get that the main areas targeted will be the upper and middle back. You will realize that the other types of workouts would only target single muscles of the back, but not for this one.

2. Bent-over Barbell Row

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With a barbell and lots of weight, you can always be sure that someone can do a lot with such type of equipment. It is crucial that you get to understand the different exercises for the back muscles you could use with a barbell.

For your back, the best to use the barbell would be the bent-over barbell row. It will help you expand the back in every direction you can imagine. Such an exercise ensures that you a stronger and larger back.

As for the bent-over barbell row exercise, you get to workout more of the mid back all the time. Not many exercises can actually promise to workout this midsection of your back.

3. Pull Down

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You can never miss such type of workout for your back. Most people would even do this one alone over and over each time. With the pull-down machine, you will get to workout more of your lats to make them stronger. It also helps you forge a better width of your back so that it looks wider and stronger too.

The exercise targets your outer back. You always need to use the correct form of the exercise so that it remains effective all the time you are using it.

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4. Dumbbell Rows With One Arm

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By now, you are learning more about the list of back exercises you probably did not use much before. It is crucial that you get it right at all times as more strain on the back unnecessarily could lead to injuries. For this exercise, you will be utilizing the rowing movements by using the dumbbell.

Check out this video about the exercise to do it correctly

With this exercise, you will end up with a stronger midback. It is also preferred by many people as it is a simple exercise that you can master in no time. In a short workout time, you will be already having stronger lats than before.

5. Straight Arm Pull Down

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The straight-arm pull down is not really common when it comes to the back exercises. It will definitely look unique whenever you use it for the first time. It's not used more often as it is a single joint movement. It will be great if you can also integrate such type of exercise within the workouts. The most gainer in this straight arm pull-down exercise will be the lats. When you work it out for a couple of sessions, then it should get easier.

6. Inverted Row

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As much as you might just want to use heavy lifting for gaining better backs, the use of body weight is another great option for you too. The bodyweight is great, as you do not have to use any equipment most of the time. With the inverted rows, you will be pulling the barbell row from down over your face to the chest and then back down. At this whole time, you will be facing the ceiling. The workout will be targeting the mid back to ensure that it is stronger and wider.

Check out this video for more tips on how to do inverted row

7. Seated Cable Row

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The seated cable row is an exercise that has been around for many years. People have always used to make their backs stronger and better. You can be sure that it will also happen to you when you are really focused on using the workout. The exercise is seen to workout more of the middle back, giving it a better look. The seated cable row workout is often really versatile so that you can enjoy it whenever you want.

8. Barbell Deadlift

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At some point of your weightlifting career or simply working out, there is a chance you get to use barbell deadlift. The workout is that you will be lifting the heavy barbell with weights up to your thighs and then back down to the ground. The best part of this exercise is that you will be working out the whole back at once. Here is a quick video showing you want to expect with barbell deadlift.


9. Decline Bench Dumbbell Pull Over

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You might have worked out using another list of back exercises before, then it is possible you saw this exercise too. The exercise will mimic the straight arm pull down exercise, so it should be something familiar. The single-joint move will allow you to target the lats and torch them for longer. Most people do not know this, but the decline position will keep your lats under more tension and still offer a longer range for working out.

It is advisable that you do such exercises as the last part of the workout. They are simple and still get you working out the back better.

10. Close-grip Pull Down

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The common pull up people do would be the wide-grip pull up as seen in a similar exercise. There is still a variation you could still do with the different types of pull-ups. You could easily learn to workout with the close grip pull down if you give it a chance.

By using the close neutral grip, it helps activate the lats just like when doing the regular pull down. This shows that you will still not miss working out any single muscle fiber. The close-grip also gives you a longer motion range and still increases the time of keeping the lats under tension. It is often seen as a great way of building more muscle.

11. Standing T-Bar Row

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The T-bar row will get you working out your back like never before. You will be pulling up the bar loaded with weights up to your chest area. You need to make sure that your back remains straight at all times. Some people often end up with issues in keeping the back in such a position as it is simply not easy to do so.

The trick for a better workout on the T-Bar Row exercise is keeping your knees bent at a certain angle. The same goes for the hands, as you have to choose a wider or smaller grip and stick to it. The wider grip will always give you a better workout as it emphasizes more on the lats. A neutral grip will target more of the middle back most of the time.


The list of back exercises is meant to help you understand that there are various ways for you to have a stronger back. By working out consistently and using the correct form, then it should not be any hard to see the results anytime soon. You can always post comments or ask questions in the comment section below and they will be answered.


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