How To Do The Overhead Cable Curl For Bigger Biceps

Typically, human beings want to get things done in a much faster and easier way. This surprisingly applies to muscle and weight building. Muscle building and especially growing the biceps is not an easy task. Getting bigger biceps requires extremely hard work, commitment, and dedication. Patience is also a virtue that you will have to exercise when looking to grow your biceps.


Luckily, there are various exercises that you can do to grow your biceps in a considerable amount of time. A much effective way to do this is to start with beginner exercises then up the level to intermediate until you can comfortably endure pro exercises.

This article will help you learn more about the overhead cable curl which is an excellent beginner/intermediate exercise that can help you grow your biceps without feelings of soreness.

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The Overhead Cable Curl

Mostly, when you see people in the gym grabbing cables, know that they are doing this to hit their arms and sometimes the chest and shoulder muscles. The truth is that cable exercises can help you a great deal in not only building your muscles but also to strengthen your core. And the overhead cable curl can provide you with some amazing fitness benefits.

With this exercise, you can isolate and properly build your upper arm muscles as well as retain resistance to motions.

Additionally, the exercise is not only helpful in developing aesthetics for bodybuilders and weightlifters but also helps to increase lean muscle mass which speeds up the overall body metabolic rate. When your BMR is increased, the body will burn more calories thus helping in reducing body fat/weight.

An advantage of the exercise mentioned above is that cables do not have a single plane of motion and can move in any direction you choose, they are therefore an excellent complement to any exercise training program.

How To Perform Overhead Cable Curl

For the overhead cable curls, you will only need a cable machine and some weights.

To proceed start by loading the cable machine with weights that you can handle. Ensure that the weight is the same on each side of the machine. You will also need to adjust the cable machine so that the handles are slightly above your shoulders.

Once you have made this adjustment, stand between the cable handles and grab them tightly with each hand using the underhand grip. Ensure that your feet maintain a shoulder stance and that your arms are stretched out to your sides at shoulder height and are parallel to the ground.

Next, keep your elbows in a fixed position and then curl your hands slowly towards your shoulders but ensure that it is the biceps that are doing all the work.Hold on to that position and then squeeze both your biceps well. After one count you can then return to starting position and repeat the process.

For this exercise, a higher rep range is often recommended given that it is a lean isolation exercise. A rep of 8-15 will be okay to help yield greater fitness results.

Tips To Follow When Performing Cable Bicep Workouts

  • Have a complete bicep workout routine. Doing a single exercise is never as effective as doing multiple target exercises. So make sure that you are doing more than one exercise to ensure that your biceps are getting a proper workout.
  • Always keep the weight under control. Give your all during the last muscle rep but not too much so that it leads you to muscle failure. Just use sufficient weight so that your last rep is difficult but not impossible.
  • Have a progressive workout plan. In other words, progress to heavier weights only when you feel that your strength is increasing. If your strength isn’t growing, stick at the same weight. Also, give your muscles some rest between every exercise.
  • Proper dieting is necessary during workouts. In this case, add some protein to your menu and ensure that it is high quality protein. Some of these protein rich foods include red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy products beans, nuts and wholesome food.
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In Conclusion,

Overhead cable curls is your ultimate answer to building bigger biceps fast. Just remember to always keep your back, head, and neck straight throughout the entire exercise. You must also stabilize your shoulders by squeezing your shoulder blades altogether. Also, remember to do the exercise regularly incorporating other exercisesin order to achieve your goal of building big biceps and upper arms faster.

So now, the next time you go to your local gym, don’t just stare at people working out on the cables. Go ahead, grab a pair of cable handles and perform the exercise discussed in this article in succession for an intense and extremely efficient upper arms workout.

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