Pull Up Programs To Undergo And Benefits To Gain

Today, a lot of people who are working out think that by doing “new” methods of pull ups will help them achieve better results. However, doing the “old school” ways of pull ups are actually much better and effective. One may go and settle with a Lat Pulldown Machine and do heavy weights but performing the latter will help you build stronger and quality muscles.


In the present, professionals have made a lot of programs for the corresponding exercises. This is to be able to concentrate on a certain exercise and achieve your goal that you want. Now, this, of course, include pull up program where you can focus on the exercise and undergo a specific routine to get you a good shape.

In this article, we are going to give you a few example pull up programs that will definitely build up your pulling muscles.

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Groove Pull up Program

One thing that is needed in pull ups are “bars.” A bar is a generic term for something which you can hang on to perform pull ups. Now, there are a lot of places wherein you can do pull ups but it is the doorway that is the most common. This will be your go-to for this pull up program. It is best to practice the exercise as frequent as you can throughout the day.

If possible, every few hours, you have to perform a few pull ups. Given this example, you will understand it much better. If you can do 7-8 pull ups at maximum every few hours it is good if you do it up to 7 times a day. On the other hand, if you aren’t able to do a single pull up, you can perform three slow eccentric pull ups five times a day.

You can do it many times a day but you also have to rest after five consecutive days of performing it.

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Fighter Pull up Program

 This program is made popular by Pavel. It is a specific pull up program than the previous one. It is also effective if you combine it with other workout. This is done with five sets of pull ups integrated with other exercises. To do this, you have to perform a set every ten minutes but you have to remember that rest is needed in between the sets. You have to do it as if you are practicing and not as a way to test your will.

Now, we have provided you with a couple of pull up program which you can follow to build up the exercise. What we are going to talk about next are the advantages we can get from these pull up programs. Let us know the following below.

  1 Grip Strength

  • All types of resistance training requires grip strength. One will not be able to lift heavy weight if he doesn’t possess grip strength. Your strong muscles will be useless if you will not be able to stimulate them. Thus, performing pull ups will help you build this strength through carrying your entire weight.

  2 Pulling Power

  • We know for a fact that your pulling muscles consist of your back, traps, biceps, and forearms. Each of these has their own appropriate exercises in Bodybuilding such as Barbell Row, Shrugs, Bicep Curls and Wrist Curls. These mentioned exercises require your pulling power. Therefore, by actively doing pull ups, you can those exercises easier and more effective.

  3 Muscular Balance

  • one may think that focusing himself on exercises that only help one aspect of his body is good. For example, doing a lot of pushing exercises and neglecting the pulling exercises will result to muscular imbalance. Pull ups are also necessary to balance your exercises. One must not neglect this aspect.

  4 Pushing Muscles

  • Apparently, each exercise aims to develop certain aspects of our body. Wil pull ups, you are actually developing your upper body muscles which are antagonistic muscles to your pulling ones. By doing pull up exercises, you are stabilizing weight so keep on doing them!

 Performing pull ups might be hard at first especially if you are a beginner. There might be times when you think you can’t do it. However, this should not hinder you to do such exercise. Trust me, all you have to do is to practice it most of the day and maintain consistency.

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Once you’ve got a good grip on it, you can then proceed to undergo pull up programs. These are tested and proven programs that are designed to effectively and efficiently help a person perform the exercise in a progression manner. Soon by participating in this pull up program, you can reap the benefits as you continue to do it.

Have you enjoyed reading the entire tutorial? If you have questions, thoughts or ideas about the article, we will be pleased to hear them from you in the comment section. Thank you for reading!

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