The Best Effective Tips For A Push-Up Workout Plan

It would not hurt if you can always workout more often. The best part is that some workouts do not really need you to hit the gym. You simply need to make sure that you are consistent with the workout. Examples of such exercises include the push up workout plan. It is easy to find many people dissing the workout, but tell to drop and give only five push-ups and it will be a disaster.

The push-up workout plan is important to help a person build better strength and still engage the lower body and core. The workout is seen to be a bodyweight exercise, meaning you can do it anywhere you want at any time.


You probably only know the standard push-up workout. There are a couple of variations of the same exercise you can use today. These variations all have different effects when it comes to building better strength. Below are some of the common push-up workouts you can attempt.

  •  Standard push-ups
  •  Wide grip push-ups
  •  Diamond push-ups
  •  Front clap/ back clap push-ups
  •  One arm push-ups
  •  Staggered push-ups

For our workout plan, we get to look at the standard and clap pushups. You might be thinking that you always do the exercise correctly, but after this guide, you will start doing them correctly.

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Standard Push-ups


Most people do these normal push-ups more often without any fancy variations to it. Below is how to do them correctly so that you no longer face injuries.

What you will need

  • A Mat
  • Water Bottle


1. Get Into The High Plank Position

It is time you assumed the plank position first on the mat. The plank position is where you place the hands on the ground firmly. The hands have to be directly under the shoulders for exercise to be effective.The toes have to be grounded into the floor as a way of stabilizing the lower half of the body.

You need to brace your core for what is about to happen. At this point, you have to tighten the abs just like the way you would when preparing to be punched in the abs. Your mind still has to prepare the hamstrings and glutes of any sudden pressure as you go down.

You still need to keep your back flat. Some people make the mistake of forming an arch with their back. That could lead to the pushups being ineffective. Make sure the back remains flat during the entire workout.

2. Lower The Body

With your back still in the flat position and neck in the neutral position, start to lower your body slowly towards the ground. Some might be wondering how to keep the neck in the neutral position. Make sure that you keep the eyes focused ahead to about three feet from where you are as a way of keeping the neck in the neutral position.

Keeping going down until you feel the chest graze the floor beneath. It is at this point that people make a couple of mistakes. Do not dip or stick out your butt at this point. You need to maintain the body in the same straight line just like you were when in the plank position.

Keep close attention to your shoulders too. The shoulder blades at this point should be pointing down. The elbows should also be tucked close to the body. Avoid having the arms in the T position.

3. Time To Push Back Up

Once you have the chest grazing the ground, it is time to go back up. During the time when pushing up, you need to keep the core engaged. It is also at this point you need to exhale as you push back to your starting point. All through, you need to maintain a straight line from head to toe.

The water bottle is here to carry the water you need to keep yourself hydrated during the exercise.

Now that you know the basics, it would be great that you get to do them in more reps. You can give yourself about 10 reps for the first time and keep them growing as you get to understand the exercise.

Learn more about standard push-ups from this video

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Clapping Push-ups


The clapping push-up workout plan is a small variation to what you are used to as standard push-up. The difference is that in this one you will have to do at a faster speed and clap a lot. Check out the steps below.

What you will need

  • A Mat


1. Start In The Plank Position

You will get into the standard plank position over your mat. The arms and toes at this point will be supporting the whole body weight. Just like in the other exercise, keep your body in a straight line. Never forget to engage your core when working out, it helps with building the overall body strength.

2. Dip To The Ground

Proceed to lower the body to the ground just like in the standard push-up, the only difference is that you have to go faster. Once your chest touches the ground, go back up to complete the push up.

3. Let Go The Floor

To perform a successful clap push up would be to gain momentum first. Perform a couple of standard push up before you can now start to clap with each push-up you make. You simply need to take your hands off the mat and clap while going up.

When clapping during the push-ups, the timing is quite important. Most of the time, you will feel as if you are floating when you do the clap when going back up. The first few claps might be a mess, but you will get better with time. The trick is not to lift the hands too soon or too late either.

4. Reposition The Hands

Once you have clapped on the way up, quickly reposition your hands back on the mat. If you take too long to reposition the hands, then you will definitely fall. When putting the hands back to the floor, make sure they are underneath the shoulders. Such a position will help to easily catch your weight as you free fall.

To master the whole clapping movement, you have to keep on practicing. After a while, you will get better at this push-up workout plan.

Check out this video for more tips

It is your turn now…

Did you get to enjoy my push-up workout plan? Well, it might sound and read simple, but wait until you start using it. The workout has worked wonders for many people. Most people would attribute their newfound strength to such type of workout. You can always share your comments about the workout in the comment section below.

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