How To Perform Scissor Jumps In Just Four Steps

Have you ever wondered how to pull off a standard Scissor jumps? It is becoming increasingly obvious that a lot of performers fail to nail this exercise in its appropriate way. Scissor jumps is termed as a perseverance plyometric procedure. This move involves plyometric movement and training for quality strength in order to construct strong muscular strength in the hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps.


Truth be told, I do not really like performing scissor jumps on legs day in light of how seriously they can burn. Be that as it may, as it is commonly said, pains precede gains! On account of the high redundancy, Scissor Jumps increase your heart rate and include a touch of exceptional cardio to your leg exercise while additionally conditioning and building your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Moreover, Scissor jumps are an awesome complex movement that anybody of any fitness level can easily slot to their exercise schedule. Scissor Jumps are a testing exercise that creates speed, coordination, molding and, speed. Scissor Jumps can be utilized as a major aspect of an interim routine or in the middle of time out periods when you are working out on a small muscle, for example, shoulders and arms. This text will guide you through a proper scissor jumps routine.

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Few Tips To Consider When Performing Scissor Jumps

  • For individuals new to this activity, you can swing your arms to aid with the lift of your jump
  • This activity is to be done at a snappier pace. In spite of the fact that you would have a burn with more controlled movements, we additionally need to increase our heart rate
  • When landing, make sure your knees are bent. This will help retain a portion of the shock you may encounter from landing and as well help you avoid any injury
  • I use to do around 5 sets of 40 repetitions of this activity resting for like a minute in the middle of each set
  • Making this exercise more tedious, you should do it without swinging our arm at first, and afterward try doing it with a weight in hands. Last time I performed this exercise I was holding a 40lb plate and the effect was greatly felt in my legs
  • If you are performing this exercise holding a weight, try twisting your body a little bit, it doesn’t necessarily have to be much, just bit. This will help initiate your oblique. The weight won't just make the jump harder on your legs because you are lifting more than your body mass, yet you additionally will be trying your core stabilization
  • You can increase the distance between your feet and also raise the speed
  • Also, you can put on weight manacles to obstruct the jumping power exercise

Benefits Of Scissor Jumps

The exercise can be utilized in many ways. Peruse the benefits you could derive from Scissor jumps below.


Increases Muscle Growth

The body's solid framework incorporates quick and moderate twitch muscle strands. The move builds quality and proficiency of the quick twitch filaments and adds to more prominent inclusion of muscles' most grounded strands for increment in strength.

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Contrasting Option To Strength Training Exercise

Scissor jumps is a great alternative to help groom your strength, agility, muscle power, and balance. It can additionally be adjusted to make it an entire body exercise.

Exercise For Various Muscle Groups

Disregard the impression that this work out solely focuses on your core. Other than the core, your legs can also get in an incredible shape from all the hoping and jumping. Glutes muscles likewise get the exercise and get more grounded with the exercise.

No Additional Fitness Equipment Required

Fitness equipment can be costly. Scissor jumps doesn't need any of the fitness tools or equipment.

Enhance Sports Execution

You can engage inplyometrics to prepare for a few games and sports, such as volleyball, basketball and tennis. It is most appropriate for games and activities, in which explosive movements will be required.

How To Perform Scissor


Step 1: Place one foot forward with your knee bowed

This is the first step of the procedure. Putting one foot of either leg forward with your knee bent and your back knee almost touching the ground in the position similar to lunge. Subsequent to putting your right leg forward and your left leg extended behind you and your toes on the floor. Proceed by bending your right knee and plunge your left knee toward the floor.

Step 2 Ensure the front knee is twisted forward and above the center of the foot

Pushing with the two legs, ensure to jump as high as possible, swinging your arms to pick up lift. This will likewise empower you to tenderly ricochet up and switch your legs position in midair, similar to how scissor moves.

Step 3: Switching legs position in mid air

This is precisely where step 2 leads you. As you hop in the air, switching the position of your legs comes next, moving your rear leg to the front and your front leg to the back. While doing this, remember your arms ought to be stretched out before you or out to the sides.

Step 4: Go back to the lunge position when landing

It is quite imperative to return back to lunge position again when landing, however you took off with your right foot at the front and your left foot at the back, but the situation changes now with the landing, right foot at the back and left foot at the front.Do this again for the desired number of repetitions.


Still haven’t taken in the procedure? Don’t worry, it is one of the simplest exercises around, once you begin, it only gets easier. Scissor Jumps are brilliant in developing both conditioning and power. It additionally involves coordination when exchanging positions amid the jump. Ensure to dependably be on the chunks of your feet when jumping and to have a delicate landing to reduce the landing impact on your knees.Having carefully read through the text, don’t forget to tell us what you think about this article in the comments section and in the light that you are impressed with what you’ve read so far, please don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends.

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