How To Do Side Jackknife In 3 Simple Ways

Have you been doing side jackknife wrong and now want to do it right? A lot of people have been doing this exercise in a wrong way and this has resulted in to little or no result. Side jackknife when done properly targets your oblique muscles and as well makes impact on your transverse abdominis, serratus muscles, and rectus abdominis where your hips, legs, and shoulders serve as the subordinate stabilizer during this exercise.


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Side jackknife can have great impacts in the development of several qualities that your body possesses, it helps bring them out; qualities like stability, strength, flexibility, which your lower back and hips exhibit. Side jackknife can be done to round up your abdominal workout and be done as a light exercise to brim your lower back, hips, and abdominal muscles before putting your back and legs to their paces. Allay your curiosity as I will painstakingly walk you through a step by step guide on how to do a productive side jackknife exercise.

Tips To Consider For A Productive Side Jackknife

  • Your legs must be kept on a straight line throughout the exercise
  • If you want to be up for an extra challenge, you can do this exercise holding dumbbell on your upper shoulder
  • Do not slow down because you will be making the exercise harder
  • Bending your knees of course will only make it harder
  • Inhale when lowering and exhale when lifting

Techniques Involved In Doing Side Jackknife

Few techniques are required if you want to pull off this exercise perfectly. Here are three techniques that will help you do it the right way and effectively:


Holding The Position Longer Guarantees Better Results

In side jackknife exercise, tension is an important factor. Every count is mandatory even a count of one is essential, so hold on for longer period in a position. This will surely guarantee you better results.

Time Under Tension

How long can you hold on under tension? Get tested and maximize this exercise as it originally belongs to the category of time under tension. To further buttress the above point, holding longer under tension gives you a better results.

Look For A Better Stability

For better stability and support, ensure that your elbow stays under your shoulder. Also avoid pulling on your head in the light that you are looking for the best contraction.

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Benefits Of Side Jackknife

If you don’t really know what you are getting from side jackknife, which could possibly be the situation for some people, now you are about to find out. Below are three major benefits you would derive from doing this exercise;

Majority Of The Body Parts Are Involved

Doing this exercise, you are putting your obliques, and muscles through your chest, thighs, gluteus, and calves to their paces.

Huge Abdominal Part Development

The jackknife proved to be the most effective move in targeting your lower rectus abdominis, or lower stomach.

Challenges Made On Core Muscles

Some of the benefits you will derive from jackknife is the challenges it makes on the core muscles that other contemporary abdominal exercises will not make.

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Step By Step Guide In To Doing A Proper Side Jackknife


Step 1: Lie Your Left Side

Naturally, this is the first step involved in doing this exercise, lie on your left side then straighten your legs and make sure that they are raised slightly so they won’t be touching the floor. Keep your left arm on the floor stretching forward, then lift your torso up slightly off the floor. Why doing this is to provide adequate balance needed by your body when the movement begins. Now hold your right hand with your palm touching the back of your head and your elbow facing the direction of your feet.

Step 2: Pull With Your Obliques

What is next now is to pull with your obliques, slowly bring your left leg and your torso together. At this point, all you need to do is briefly hold the contraction and lower it gently. Complete one set by doing the reps to the other side too. You can as well hold your left hand on your oblique to know if they contract.

Step 3 Slow Down The Pause And The Movement

Getting to the pinnacle of this exercise that is in the advanced stage you should now slow down the pause at the top and the movement of your combined legs. Try to immerse greater pressure on the obliques but on the off chance that you seem not to be doing it better, you can ask your training partner or instructor to immerse more pressure at the top of your feet. The main reason for doing this is to offer more resistance on your legs as you lift them slowly.


There is no doubt that if you follow the above stated steps in doing side jackknife, you are doing it in the most appropriate way. Yes, there are some training kits or gadgets and technologies that might as well help you achieve what you want regarding your fitness and look.

However, there is no harm in doing some physical exercises by yourself, knowing that it is with your great efforts and time that you are able to pull off a development on your body. Mind you, exercising without a proper balanced diet is too dangerous thereby do have a decent plan on your diet, and then exercising will be greatly effective.

Regarding what you’ve read so far, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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