Spinning: Best Cardio Workout

Are you tired of doing cardio workouts but still unsatisfied? Have you tried doing spinningbefore? If your answer is “No” don’t lose hope yet because it’s not the end of your cardioworkout. For some, spinning may not be as fun as doing walking, rowing, running, and othercardio workouts. But spinning is actually the best cardio workout that everyone should try. Infact, spinning is perfect for those who hate long runs outside, and too intense cardio workouts.


Spinning is also known as “indoor cycling” where a stationary exercise bike is used. Based on aphysical therapist, spinning is one the best cardiovascular workouts that can also help in buildingthe strength in our lower body’s muscles. Typically, you will be able to have an access tostationary exercise bikes or spinning bikes in gyms. However, you can also buy your own spinning bike if you prefer to do cardio workouts in the comfort of your home.

Spinning Classes

Most fitness centers offer spinning classes where you can start to learn the proper way of using aspinning bike and working up your muscles. There are even fitness centers that specialize inoffering spinning classes only so fitness students can really master the art of spinning.Depending on your fitness level, a typical spinning class can last after 45 minutes – 1 hour. Ledby a fitness instructor, customers are guided while doing series of cardio workouts.

Two of the most common workouts in spinning classes are the inclined workout and speedworkout. The inclined workout guides fitness students to increase their resistance while cyclingon an imaginary uphill. The speed workout guides students to pedal fast for a specific durationbefore taking durations of break then recovery.

How to Rock Your Spinning Workout?

  • Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard: If you are not used to cycling or spinning, remember to take it slow. You’ll get there intime once your body gets used to it. Don’t push yourself too hard during your firstsessions and start with a lower intensity workout. Staying in your comfort zone for awhile will help you adjust every muscle in your body before trying a more intense pace.
  • Set Your Seat at the Right Height: One of the reasons why people who do spinning workouts end up with too many bodypains is their seat’s height. Yes, that’s right, the height of your seat matters because oneof the most common mistakes the people do is setting their seats lower than necessary.Your legs should be bent only for about 25° at the bottom of the bike’s spin. This way,you can relax your muscles for a bit after all your workout.
  • Lift Your Butt and Stand Up: Lifting your butt sometimes while doing a variety of workout on your spinning bikewon’t hurt. In fact, doing it for a few seconds can even add intensity to your workout.You can also stand up while holding the handlebars to focus on strengthening your legs,core, and butt. This works with heavy resistance workouts while you’re set on climbinghills or slow jogs.
  • Hit Your Favorite Workout Playlist: Whether you prefer to do some cardio alone or not, hitting your favorite workout playlistreally does some magic. It can keep you motivated and tuned in your pace more thanworking out in silence. Silence might remind you of boredom so keep the music pumpingwhile you do some pumping workout.


For people who love riding bicycles and doing cardio workouts, spinning is indeed the bestcardio workout no matter what is your age. No need for you to wear any gear, check the weatherand time for the best time to hit the road. You just need to go to a gym or buy your own spinningbike and you’re all set with an all-in-one cardio buddy. If you haven’t tried attending a spinningclass before, consult your doctor now to confirm if it’s safe for you to try it too.

Spinning may be the best cardio workout but it doesn’t work that way for some people withspecial health conditions. Besides, you should always consult your doctor before trying any typeof workout to ensure your safety.

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