Learn About How To Do Step Aerobics Workout Correctly

It is without a doubt that using the aerobics can be quite fruitful to anyone. It is important that you make sure that get it done right always. With aerobics, you do not have to constrain yourself to just doing one type of workout; there are several of them. This time we get to look at the step aerobics.

The step aerobics routines are always better as they increase the work you have to do for a better workout. In this case, it is only the step bench you will need as the equipment. This should be easy for anyone looking to make the most out of the step aerobics today.


What you will need


1. Step Up And Down Routine

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With this routine, there is not a lot to do, but with more workout, you can get better and advance to the other routines.

The routine is simple, all you have to do is start by stepping the right foot onto the step bench and then follow it with your left. The next part is to step down with your right foot first and then follow it with the left. As you can see, that was quite simple. You need to repeat the routine as many times as you desire.

2. Step And Kick Forward

This is a slight variation to the first routine. This time you will be stepping and kicking too for a more workout session.

Start by stepping with your right foot on the bench and bring up the left foot. This time instead of stepping on the bench, you kick the left foot forward straight in front. After kicking, take the left foot back to the floor followed by the right foot. It is better if you get alternate the legs for the stepping and kicking part.

3. Side To Side Stepping

There is a bit of turning involved whenever you have to step to each side. You will have also learned about the coordination of the legs as you will be changing them as you change sides.

Turn to the side first and step onto the bench using the right foot first. Proceed to bring your left foot too onto the bench. You can now step down on the different side of the bench by using the right foot and then followed by the left. The next round you will have to start with the left foot and then the right foot. Alternating makes sure that you get to workout all the legs correctly.

4. Step And Touch

You can be facing the bench either head on or on the side to perform this type of aerobics workout.

Start by stepping on the bench with your right foot and then raise the left foot so that you can touch the bottom of the feet with your hand. Touch it from the front and not the back. Step down with the left foot and then proceed to step down with the right too. It is time to alternate the legs. Do the same thing for the right foot.

5. Step And Lift The Knee

By now, you should be able to do a lot in terms of step aerobics, but there is more for you to handle. If you get to do this one right, then more benefits are coming your way.

For this one, you will simply have to step on the bench with your right foot first, and bring up the left leg. Instead of stepping onto the bench, raise your left leg high.

This should lift your knee as high as possible. The left leg goes back to the floor first and then followed by the right leg.

You should alternate the two legs in the case of stepping and lifting.

6. Step And Lunge Backwards

This should be a nice addition to the whole step aerobics workout you might be learning today. This one is still simple, but will get you working out quite great just as the others.

Start by stepping the right foot onto the bench and bend it to a 90-degree angle. You need now to extend the left leg straight behind. Alternate the whole process by now changing the step leg and extending leg.


Below is a video with complete set of step aerobics workouts

The great thing about using the step aerobics is that you can always do things differently. The step aerobics is like a blank canvas where you get to do what you like and find effective. Take the time to check out several videos online to learn more how you can use the step aerobics to ensure that you are doing it correctly.

The step aerobics routines are low impact exercises, so you can do them without worrying that you will break a bone doing it. You can share comments below about what you think about out step aerobics workouts.

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