Why Effective Tank Top Arms Workout Is The Most Preferred Exercise

If you love it, show it off! Whether it is during a scorching hot summer or a freezing winter, showing off your well-toned upper body and tank top arms is something that you should do without hesitating. Wear that skimpy tank top which will expose your firm shoulders, your well-toned arms, upper-back and your well-lined upper muscles.

Everyone will fall in love with you including your spouse. However, all these cannot be achieved from the comfort of your bed. For you to have a comparatively ideal toned upper body, thin arms and any other desirable feature that is related to your upper body muscles, you need to do tank top arms workout.

Tank top arms exercise will relieve you from the stress of having to hide your upper-back muscles and shoulders. Probably you don't want people to see your flabby arms and out-of-shape shoulders, and so you preferred to wear long-sleeved shirts which cover every inch of your body.

With appropriate workout, everything will get back in shape, and you will be able to walk tall beaming with confidence. There are a series of tank top workouts that you can do, and they have different levels of effectiveness. These workouts can be comfortably done from the comfort of your home not forgetting that they are pocket-friendly.


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Home Workouts

Tank to home workouts won't require you to dash to the nearest gym. You just need to purchase some locally available equipment and everything will be set. Some of the equipment that you will need may include a bench or sturdy chair, timer and dumbbell.

A serious talk with your physician before you decide to do the workouts is important. Your health status should be assessed and this will protect you from any health repercussions that could arise as a result of the workout. Also assess your environment and ensure that it is free from any hazards that can harm you.

Here are some of the tank top exercises that you can do while at home.

Chair Dips

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To do this exercise, put your hands at the edge of a bench or a sturdy chair. For safety reason, ensure that the chair or the bench is against the wall as this will prevent it from sliding when you are deep into the workout. Slide your buttocks off the bench while ensuring that your whole body weight is resting on your arms. Your feet should maintain an upright position while on the floor so that you appear to be sitting upright.

While your elbows are bent to the back, start lowering your butt descending towards the floor. Your backside should just be on the edge of the seat and ensure that your elbows are tucked in. Use your arms to go back to the starting position and repeat the cycle eight times.

Military Push-up

As the name suggests, this workout is mostly used by men in disciplined forces. To do a military push-up, you need to position your arms away from the side of your chest. Assume a plank position where your arms are straight and in locked elbow position.

Your body should be straight, and your feet should be more than 10 inches apart. While maintaining your elbows tucked in towards your body, lower your whole body to the maximum level that you will be able to reach. Go back up in the same way and repeat the procedure 15 times. You can use your knees to do this exercise to get masculine tank top arms.

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Side Arm Raises

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In this exercise, you will have to use a dumbbell which weights between 3-15 Ibs. Hold one bell in each of your hands then rest them against your sides ensuring that your arms remain straight, and your elbows are locked. While keeping your tummy tight and engaged, try to raise both of your arms outwards. Stop when you reach the top shoulders and then start to take your body downwards again. By doing this you would have completed a single cycle. Do at least 12 cycles per session and monitor the results after five weeks.

Reverse Fly

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Reverse fly tank top workout works on the posterior region of the upper body. Hold two dumbbells and then start with your feet slightly apart and your knees slightly bent. Try to bend forward at your waist position until your back gets into a parallel position with the floor. Your elbows should be slightly bent while your arms should be directly aligned to the floor.

The two dumbbells should face each other and the same applies to your arms. While still in this bent-over position, try to raise the dumbbells up and at the same time out towards your sides. Limit the movements to the shoulders until your tank top arms are parallel to the floor and are at the same level with your shoulders.

Bicep Curls

This time you will have to use heavier dumbbells for better results. Each of your arms should have one dumbbell and your palms should be facing the sky. Position both of the arms on your sides and not in front of you. While keeping your abs tight, bend both of your arms at their respective elbows until they make a 90 degree angle. Lower your arms and repeat the process 12 times.

Seated Pull-down

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This workout is meant to perform upper-body toning by working on multiple muscle groups such that are located on the biceps and forearms. To perform it, attach a tubing to the upper part of the door hinge then sit tall on the bench.

While grasping the tubing handles and keeping your feet flat on the floor, pull your elbows back and forth ensuring that your shoulder blades are squeezed together. Ensure that you keep your chest high while doing this exercise. Take a very brief pause then resume the exercise.

Vertical Punches

In each of your hands, hold a 3lb dumbbell in a vertical position. Bend your tank top arms at 90 degrees some inches away from your sides. Put your arms forward to assume a punching position, let's say you are about to punch your rival but taking care that your elbows are not locked.

Punch and pull back in a uniform and gentle way though you can go for alternative punches. Try to maintain your abs tight throughout the exercise. Punch continuously for at least 30 seconds then take a break for 30 seconds before resuming with the punches.

Below is the video about tank top workout you should try

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