The Best Fitness Equipment and Protein Supplements

Starting a new activity is always the toughest thing to do. You know nothing about it, and you know that you're going to fail at anything the first time you try it. Unfortunately, fitness is the same way. You'll find out that even a simple movement as a squat can be done incorrectly, and it takes a while to learn it properly.


However, this hobby also has the most benefits. Every time you work out, you are directly helping your body to get stronger, faster, and healthier. But many beginners don't know where to start and what kind of fitness equipment to use. As well as that, they have absolutely no idea what supplements to take and how to combine the two.

We're going to explain everything as to an entirely new beginner. Your way to a better body and better health starts with one step, then another, and repeating it continuously. Click here to read more info on the subject.

The Barbell

The barbell is a long metal rod, and you can stack weights on both sides. There are different shapes in means of thickness, and you should start with whatever feels comfortable at first. Most of the time that will be thin to medium bars. After a while, when you get used to it, you can try switching to a thicker grip, because that will work on your forearms.

What kinds of exercises can you do with it?

The barbell can be the only piece of equipment that you have, and you can develop a shredded body. It's used in almost every exercise, and you can work out every muscle group on your body. The first movement we're going to discuss is the deadlift. You put weights on both sides of the bar, and then you pick it up from the ground.

It looks extremely easy, but you need to watch your back and legs. Remember to have a neutral spine, your arms need to be stretched out completely, and bend your knees. This exercise works out your lower back, traps, triceps, quads, glutes, and hamstrings. It's a full-body exercise that will increase your strength and body mass.

The second exercise is the squat. There are two ways to perform it with a barbell, the front, and back squat. For this, you need a rack or a similar platform, so it's easier to pick up the weight. For the first version, put your fingertips on the bar, place the weight over your shoulders with your elbows up, and move forward.

Then, when you're one step away from the rack, you can start the squat. Remember to keep your feet firmly placed on the ground and push the movement with your heels. Also, your spine should be neutral during the entire thing. The page Body Science USA has a lot of great info on this subject. For the back version, you place the bar on your traps, and the rest is the same.

The third exercise is the overhead press. While the last two were mainly focused on the entire body, this one is a bit more specific. With the overhead press, you will be working out your back, shoulders, and triceps. To perform it, pick up the bar with some weight on it, and hold it on your shoulders. Then, push your arms over the top of your head, and be careful not to hit your chin.

All of these movements can take a few weeks to master completely. Be sure to keep proper form at all times and start with a small weight, or just the bar. This will help your muscles adapt to the movement and achieve something known as muscle memory.

What about supplements and diet?

Many people get into fitness and stick to the same diet. In the short term, you will see a lot of results. However, after a few months, you will absolutely need to make some changes or add something to your diet. The main thing that you will need is more protein. It's hard to eat as much protein as you should while you're working out. That's why people use supplements.

Food is mainly composed of three things. Those are fats, carbohydrates, and protein. You need the latter to rebuild muscle and make sure it stays lean and robust. Whenever you work out, you are breaking your muscle fibers. Then, they are restored with the help of amino acids and protein, and that makes you stronger and have more muscle mass. Follow this link for more:

Getting a protein supplement as soon as you start working out is an excellent idea. It will help you achieve your goals faster, and it will give you the calories you're missing. Shakes are great to consume thirty minutes after your gym routine since that's when they're most absorbed into the body. There are a ton of flavors ranging from chocolate to vanilla and fruits. You can pick any one you want.

Final thoughts

Paying close attention to your form and what you're consuming is going to do wonders for your health. It will be the difference between achieving your goals and staying in a routine or a plateau. You don't need as much equipment as a CrossFit gym to build a godlike body. The only thing you need is dedication, focus, and consistency. As long as you pay attention to those things, you will get the body you want.

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