Tips To Avoid Injuries While Working Out at a Gym

We know how going to the gym can be exciting. You bring yourself with new goals, motivations, positive outlook and excitement to hit that hundred-pound barbell as you set your foot in the gym. That’s nice. Oh, wait, the last part was wrong, the hundred-pound barbell thing? Oh, that’s wrong.


It is right, and it is wrong, actually. Wait? What?

It is right for seasoned gym-goers, who have finished necessary levels to lift that seems-only-Superman-can-lift kind of barbell, and since you are just starting out, then we’re sorry to say that you’re still a bit too far in lifting that metal chunk, but if you insist on lifting it anyway, risks are high that it will be lifted unbalanced, or worse, might slip on your hands.

This and other risks gained from improper gym activities must be prevented at all costs because any injuries gained is a BIG halt in developing one’s body inside the gym.

Gym goers can always be safe when doing necessary exercises, but it is not always the case, and a good number of people are going out of the gym with injuries because of improper actions.

Today, learn the essential tips on how to avoid injuries inside the gym that can halt your development process, big time.


If you are just starting out, putting too much weight in an exercise increases your chances of an injury. There’s the risk that you may not properly control its weight downward and loading trajectory. Because of the law of gravity, the weight would always go where the floor is. Anything between it and the floor would be in great danger, and who could be the hapless victim between them? It’s you.


If you are aware of the consequences of an unmindful activity, you will avoid doing it at all costs.

Doing exercise techniques improperly can rip or wrench a muscle or even tear delicate connective tissue.

You’ll never want to experience the pain that this reaping and tearing causes. ‘Safety First’ is one of the most common phrases in the world and yet one of the most unpracticed reminders. How ironic.This phrase can go a long way. Learn to heed its call.


One of the important reasons why you need a trainer inside the gym is to guide you on how to exercises properly.

It seems that everyone wants to exercise, but only a few know and want to do it properly. If you think that you’re doing an adequate warm-up, chances are, you are wrong simply because you are not sure if what you are doing is enough or more than enough (because no one is guiding you)

Having an adequate warm-up warms up your muscles, and with blood coursing through, it becomes more elastic and pliable (flexible). It decreases blood viscosity and develops one’s flexibility and mobility. In this state, it wields more strength while maintaining enough flexibility to do more physically demanding tasks.


Anything excessive is too bad, and that also goes for training and exercises. If you are excessively doing these things, it only means that no one is looking after you, and you are not following any concrete plans. Being just on your own in all of these things might have serious consequences for you.

If you overtrain, it will drain your energy quickly and would halt your progress. You might say that by doing excessive training, you will hasten the process of your progress, but you are actually doing the opposite. The reality is, when you are overtrained, you cannot grow further.

You also halt your muscle’s and nervous system’s ability to recuperate.

When you overtrain, your body’s battery of ATP and glycogen are all drained up, pushing it into a weakened state, which makes your body more prone to injury. You are rushing your body, not on a developed state, but on a completely opposite side, which is a weakened and injured state.


Any fitness or health and beauty blog would suggest that one of the most important measures in ensuring your safety while doing various exercises in the gym is to wear the necessary gears. There are gym gloves, handgrip pads, weightlifting barbell bar pad, hand bar wrist, workout belts, wrist straps, knee pad and other various gears to protect you in every physically demanding activity. Going gearless in a gym means that you are going there just to be injured and nothing else.

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