The Best Pre Workouts For An Amazing Pump At The Gym

Working out at the gym is essential to getting the physique that many people want. Plus, working out is healthy for you and gives you more energy. Trying to work out even harder could be made possible with a good pre workout. The best pump pre workouts contain different amino acids and supplements that can help you work out harder and longer than before.


What Does Pre Workout Do?

Pre workouts are designed to make the user work out harder and longer than they usually do. This is made possible by the different ingredients and supplements that are in pre workouts. They can make you have more energy, feel less exhaustion, and work out your muscles harder if you take it correctly. With the endless energy you spend throughout the day on work and your personal life, gym time should be as efficient as possible.

How Do the Supplements Work?

To work out harder and stronger, every pre workout should have the most essential ingredients like Alpha GC and Beta Alanine. Better pre workouts should also include Betaine Anhydrous, Bioperine, Caffeine, Creatine, and Vitamin B12.

Alpha GC is the first ingredient in many pre workouts. This supplement helps the release of the neurotransmitter acetycholine. This is put into pre workouts to enhance performance. Studies have shown that this chemical increases hypertrophy, which is needed for lean muscle mass. Researchers also found that people perform better while on this chemical due to it releasing acetycholine.

Beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid that can be found in many different pre workouts. Since it is considered a non-essential amino acid, that means that your body makes the quantity of beta alanine that it needs. The reason it is put into pre workouts is because it helps control the PH of your blood. During intense exercise, your blood’s PH falls, but beta alanine can help to prevent this. It is converted into carnosine, which helps reduce the fatigue setting in. When your blood’s PH falls, you experience the crash and tiredness that can come from intense exercise. Taking beta alanine in your pre workout can help prevent this from happening at all.

Betaine anhydrous works by increasing your body’s natural creatine production, but it also supports protein synthesis. This can lead to better muscle strength and power, and it can support creating lean muscle. There have been many studies that show an increase of up to 25% for muscle strength.

Bioperine is one of the more underrated supplements in pre workouts. While this doesn’t enhance performance much, it does help enhance absorption. When supplements are taken with bioperine, they can absorb better in the body, which leads to the other supplements being used more efficiently.

Caffeine is in almost every pre workout because it provides the pump that most pre workouts are known for. In studies, caffeine has been shown to increase energy and alertness, which also increases performance. Performance has been well documented to be better when athletes are using caffeine.

Creatine is another supplement that most people are familiar with. It does have some controversy surrounding it, but many pre workouts still include it. Creatine has been around for a long time, and your body makes it naturally in the amounts it needs. It is considered to be a non-essential amino acid. Studies have shown that creatine increases energy and helps increase lean muscle mass.

Vitamin B12 is often taken for people who want more energy, and many people don’t get enough of it in their diet. Known for its energy inducing properties, many pre workouts have started adding it into their mixes. This vitamin has also been shown to help with the recovery process once you finish working out.

Are These Supplements Bad?

Most of these supplements don’t have any controversy surrounding them, but one has been a hot topic of debate. Creatine is made in our bodies naturally, but some scientists are saying that adding more creatine into your body is harmful for your health. Many studies have shown that creatine helps build muscle, and it does that by bringing more water into the muscle cells. The more creatine you take, the more water absorption in muscle cells happen, which makes them swell and become larger during the workout you’re doing.

However, there are some side effects that can occur when taking creatine. Some people have said that creatine makes them feel sick or sluggish, while there have also been documented cases of dangerous gastrointestinal and kidney problems. These supplements are not dangerous when taken in moderation, but an overdose of creatine could cause some potentially dangerous effects.

How Do I Use it?

Pre workout can be taken with water before your workout. Thirty minutes before heading to the gym, mix the pre workout powder in a cup or blender bottle and drink it all. This is something you should be drinking quickly, not sipping the whole way to the gym. Once you finish it, aim to be at the gym right about 20-30 minutes afterward. This allows for the supplements to be digested and put to use right as you get there. 

The Best Pump Pre Workouts

1. Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

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This Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy pre workout has caffeine from natural sources like green tea and coffee. There are only five to ten calories per serving depending on how many scoops you use. That would have been helpful for when I worked out on a fasting stomach. It does contain artificial sweeteners, which may be concerning for some who try to avoid those. The amino acids are free form and it contains some of the best chemicals needed for a good pump.


  • Multiple flavors that taste great
  • No crash is experienced after taking it
  • Energy is a slow build and fall


  • Doesn’t dissolve very well into water
  • The aftertaste is chalky
  • Some users reported a headache.

2. GAT Clinically Tested Nitraflex Pre Workout

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While this pre workout is said to be safe for both men and women, it does help increase testosterone production, which many women may not want. The GAT pre workout is clinically tested to increase the amount of weight you are bench pressing. I could have really used that when I was training for the crossfit games. There are eight different flavors to choose from, and all of them are sweet enough to mix into water or a smoothie. With high amounts of caffeine and beta alanine, the pump is strong. Most users said they felt jittery while taking it, but in a good way. There aren’t any reported crashes or let downs.


  • Very sweet flavor is perfect for before the gym
  • Provides a very strong pump 30 minutes after taking
  • Mixes easily into water


  • The pump tends to wear off fast
  • Contains testosterone pumping so may not be best for women

3. Evlution Nutrition ENGN Shred

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This pre workout has a lot of positive things about it. The supplements included are higher levels, which could help give a better pump. It also includes fat burning supplements like Yohimbe bark and capsimax. This is helpful when you want to drop a few pounds while also bulking your muscle. The caffeine is from green tea, which is helpful when you want something natural. Some users have said that there was some gastrointestinal issues after taking, and this could be due to the fat burning supplements. However, the high levels of caffeine mixed with the fat burning supplements can provide an even bigger pump if you can stomach it.


  • Contains high levels of beta alanine and betaine anhydrous
  • Provides a very strong pump 30 minutes after taking
  • Really helps to burn fat


  • Some users reported stomach pain after taking
  • Addition of Yohimbe chemical can cause nausea and jitters

4. NITROSURGE Pre Workout Supplement

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This NITROSURGE pre workout is designed for both men and women to get a pump before the gym. It is on the mild side of jitters and the energy it provides, but many users were happy with it. It has beta alanine, betaine anhydrous, caffeine, and bioperine. The supplement levels are high, which is nice for those who have tried many different pre workouts and not seen results. Taken with 16 ounces of water before the gym, it hydrates while giving the supplements. Many users reported a nice muscle and vein pump before going to the gym, and it might help you lift more weight than normal according to many reviews. This pre workout is best for those who want a pump without any risk of crashing.


  • Good price for the pump it gives
  • Mixes very easily into water
  • Tastes great
  • Provides a lot of energy when taken just 20 minutes before the gym


  • The pump won’t last through a few hour gym session
  • May need three scoops to get the required pump

5. Cellucor C4 Pre Workout

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This pre workout is the most commonly bought one on Amazon. It is a pre workout that can help increase muscle mass with its intense nitric oxide and creatine combination. Many users reported that it helped them gain muscle, but there were some side effects. Since it has a high amount of different supplements, there could be a tingly feeling experienced. The ingredients are meant to increase energy, focus, and produce a pump before working out. It has many supplements that pre workouts should have, but it lacks bioperine and alpha GC. Despite these issues, many people enjoy this pre workout.


  • The main ingredients of beta alanine, creatine, caffeine, and arginine are high levels
  • Provides one of the largest pumps in the market of pre workouts
  • More energy and focus can be experienced


  • Gritty texture doesn’t mix well
  • Too much beta alanine creates a numb or tingly feeling in many users

Final Verdict

The clear winner of these pre workouts is the NITROSURGE pre workout. This pre workout is designed to give a big a pump without a crash. It is the best for both men and women because it focuses on shredding extra fat while building muscle. It does not contain creatine, but many reviewers complained about the other pre workouts containing creatine because athletes like to decide how much creatine to put in. Some pre workouts have too much or too little creatine, so this pre workout not containing it is actually a benefit to many. It has high levels of beta alanine, betaine anhydrous, and caffeine. It also contains bioperine and alpha GC. The price is modest and it contains everything a good pre workout needs to contain.

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